What is this IDEK

I was feelin’ pretty much like a bamf in a really good Marudon group. I mean, people were kiting the slimes, and we had plenty of ranged to take them down (versus the one group I got where everyone was melee dps). We get to the final boss. Brusslehide Leggings. I grin! Yay, finally! And with only the priest to roll against me… I was ready to rock. Or lose the roll. I lost the roll! But was it to the priest? NO, IT WAS TO THE HUNTER. Guess who else rolled need? The rogue.

The rogue thought it had +agility on it, which it didn’t; it had +stam, +int, +spirit.  But the hunter, when I said he needed agility, not int/spirit/stam, traded them to me. I could assume the hunter saw LEATHER and was like YEAH NEED without really looking at the stats. But man it was a huge upgrade, so I’m glad he traded them to me. :D


How does I bear tank?!

Oh! Oh, pick me! PICK ME!!

Step One: Stay in caster form.
Step Two: Spec into balance tree.

…Wait, that doesn’t sound right. I understand tanking n00bs who try tanking in cat form. I understand tanking n00bs who try to tank in aquatic form in Blackfathom Deeps. But I don’t understand tank n00bs who stand in caster form and expect to somehow live. Just…what. What about that even sounds tank-ish?

I got this winsome group where the mage pulled all the aggro from the “bear tank”. No wonder they needed a new healer less than three enemies into the instance! Dava, my 29 shaman, was on the job…or not. Tank pulled-pulled-pulled…even after in bear form, but failed to hold aggro at all. Mage constantly was getting flattened. Less than ten more enemies into the instance, I dropped group. I felt kinda bad because the hunter was apologizing, but damn, it wasn’t their fault.

Also, hi there. Altitis– I have it.

80 Means Nothing Anymore

Well, the days of being 80 now mean absolutely nothing. Which is fine, I guess. I have been debating on whether or not to resubscribe to WoW, and of course I did. After I got François to 82, I got bored of ret-paladining. Talk about boring. Three-second Crusader Strike my foot. YAWN. I like my prot spec more but am too paranoid to bother dungeoning with it.

Then again, I’m a fairly casual player (read: I’m more casual a player than you are, whoever you are). I tend to spend my time alting it up.

Recently picked up Horde on my original server (one of my original servers, anyway), since my sister and her boyfriend play there. Unmoovable, a tauren paladin, and Beatriz, a blood elf hunter. Fun times. Also have moved a bit to my RP characters– Nicholle hit 15, and I got to check out some stuff Alliance-side for the first time since Cataclysm. Westfall. Sad times.

I’m not sure how long I’ll actually play WoW before I get sick of it. Having not worked since April… I can’t lie, everything gets boring when you do it too often. I’ve slacked on my writing, and should focus a bit on that, but I’m kind of interested in getting to the level cap to do battlegrounds. They kind of sound more fun to me at the moment than blasted PvE.


I am confident in my ability to write. I enjoy writing– it’s a well-loved hobby of mine.

Recently I joined the Wyrmrest Accord server again and re-joined their website. (Wyrmrestaccord.net) Lots of intelligent discussion on their forums, by the way, which is encouraging. One such topic that was brought up talked about cliques.

I am a shy person OOC-ly in-game. In real life I don’t approach strangers. I’m open to being approached (cat food aisle at the store, for example), but never will I approach a stranger. Even though I am confident in my writing ability, and in crafting stories and even characters, to an extent, I find that roleplay is actually difficult for me. Why? I’m used to silly AIM RP with my close internet friend, not public RP in /say in Stormwind, where 50 others nearby can literally read what I’m RPing.

Cliques can be bad things. The word “clique” is pretty negative. But even a clique (group) can be open and accepting of others. As a prominent member of the Fire Emblem fandom (mostly as a writer) I would like to believe that I (and in turn my fellow writers and artists) are also accepting and welcoming of new members, new writers, new readers, new artists, and so on.

I do understand that sometimes RPers want to only RP with pre-selected people. I don’t blame them! But a /dnd would really help the others running around in Stormwind to know that your RP is not an open one. You can also put it in your roleplay add-on’s description page so that people can read it!

Another pet peeve!

For the record, I’m usually not a douche in-game…or in real life, but mostly not in-game. I try to just play right, do what everyone else is doing, et cetera. For example, in WSG, if everyone is fighting mid, I might try to grab the opponent’s flag once or twice, but that usually doesn’t work.

This morning, I queued for WSG on my little pally healer, Veredus (Wrymrest Accord). I like being a holy paladin, I always did, and so these new changes have inspired me to try it out again just to see how I like it. Wow, the douchebaggery!

First of all, I have two ways to get Holy Power– Crusader Strike and Holy Shock. Holy Shock has a six-second cooldown on it. At level 17, I have three heals: Holy Shock, Holy Light, and Word of Glory. See, in order to use Word of Glory, I kind of have to have Holy Power. The easy way to get Holy Power is to (CHA-CHING) melee with Crusader Strike! Someone in a dungeon made a snarky comment about it, and I ignored it. But hey, I don’t have Flash of Light yet, so naturally I’m Crusader-Striking it up to get Holy Power to use Word of Glory– which is mana-free, by the way, so very useful in a pinch!

But I digress. I’m a healer, and people are always QQing in battlegrounds. “WHAR MAH HEALZ?!” Well, fine, now you’ve got your heals!

I love it when a level 10-14 complains in the 10-19 WSG bracket about how people are playing. Go grab the flag? Well, maybe it’d be easier to grab the flag if HALF OF THE TEAM WASN’T UNDER LEVEL 15!*

*As I said in a previous entry, I don’t care that people are queueing on the low-end of the bracket. That’s your prerogative.  But if you feel the need to bitch and moan about how the game is being played? Kindly GTFO and level up to 16-19 and then come back. I guarantee you’ll have 100x the luck in WSG with a team consisting of level 17-19 instead of people who are mostly 10-14. Just sayin’. So it really, really rubs the the wrong way to be told how to play by someone who is a level 12 rogue. Yeah, I’m a healer? A 17 healer who has VERY LITTLE HEALTH. Just noticing that I get easily killed in my cloth robes and such. My job is to heal, not grab the flag. So if nobody ELSE is going for the flag, I can’t heal them. ALSO, I can’t heal your level 12 ass through anything because YOU are also getting two-shot.


Bein’ 80

Being level 80 sucks. People think you should do good dps. My measly 1.5kdps is crap. I go into Heroics and people are like literally killing things before my shots can hit the target/before my Kill Shot pwns things. This is crap. It makes me look even lamer than I already am. /sadface

I’m nerdy, so even though I hit 80 and have done fun things like Malygos and Hyjal, I…would very much like to own me some heirloom gear. Why? So I can play my alts, that’s why. I made a pretty little shaman, Suzette, and a cute little bitty rogue named Beatriz. I must play these characters. But the same-old, same-old sucks! I want to be shiny and pretty. I get sick of jumping into dungeons and people thinking that, because I don’t already have heirloom gear, I MUST BE NEW.



Since the patch, I have learned some important things.

1.) Relearning the first class you ever started playing? SUCKS.
2.) “Hurrrr, hunter, you’d better hurry up or the heals will out-DPS you” will become commonplace.
3.) Heirloom gear is FREAKIN’ EXPENSIVE.
4.) Alliance sucks at Eye of the Storm. SO. BAD. OUCH.

I’m one of the cool kids now

because this morning, at 2:36am, Kenyon dinged level 80.

*Shoujo sparkles and rose petals*

With the patch on Tuesday, I’m not sure what to do, now. Or at all, ever. I’m at level 80 finally… NOW WHAT?

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